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Maximus Global Services’ focus on innovation along with a desire to deliver the highest level of service continues to be the foundation of our business today.

Through our progressive approach and eco-friendly processes, we continue to develop our MAX Green Clean™ methods which combines environmentally safe products and energy efficient equipment. MAX Green Clean™ maximizes cleaning effectiveness with EPA approved products minimizing the exposure of harmful chemicals and contaminants.

Our ultimate mission is to provide all of our clients with the finest service at an exceptional value. Our business is to make your business shine!

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MAX Green Clean’s advanced disinfecting techniques clean all type of surfaces for challenging areas or spaces that require more thorough disinfecting, MAX Green Clean utilizes advanced cleaning techniques. Beyond our normal janitorial services, we can provide electrostatic disinfecting and fogging disinfecting. These two commercial cleaning services utilize special machines to vaporize disinfectants to more thoroughly cover all surface areas.

What is Electrostatic Disinfecting?

Electrostatic disinfecting (electrostatic cleaning) is a touchless application of chemicals used after janitorial services to efficiently and evenly coat surfaces with a disinfecting solution. The electrostatic applicator applies a negative charge to the disinfecting solution as it leaves the application tool. Since charged molecules repel each other, they create a more evenly distributed disinfectant application, which is attracted to the applied surface, thereby creating 360-degrees of coverage. These charged particles create a web of disinfectant over the applied surfaces with a micron size between 40 to 110 microns. This service is particularly important because germs and bacteria hide in hard-to-reach areas, which are reached during an electrostatic disinfecting service.

Benefits of Electrostatic Disinfecting:

What is Fogging Disinfecting?

Fogging disinfecting is similar to the touchless application technique of electrostatic disinfecting but is different in two ways. Fogging disinfecting utilizes nearly the same technology without charging the cleaning molecules when they leave the machine. Additionally, fogging cleaning uses larger particle sizes compared to an electrostatic service with an average particle size of 20 to 50 microns. In many instances, a fogging application can be used in the same situations and settings as an electrostatic service.

Benefits of Fogging Disinfecting:

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